Bright Monkey Marketing
Who Are More Bright Monkeys?
Brianne Seth - Supervising Simian/Director of Media

Brianne goes ape for all things media:  traditional, online, gorilla‚Ķ excuse me, guerilla. 

She has created and executed media plans for Cox Communications, Time Warner Cable, Suddenlink Communications, Knology, and Bright House Networks.  

Brianne has experience as a Media Planner/Buyer, Online Media Specialist, and Director of Media Services.

Prior to leaving Texas she worked as a buyer at The Atkins Agency in San Antonio.  

An expertise in the telecom industry brought her to Lord & Lasker (Tampa) where she oversaw the planning, purchase, stewardship and financial reconciliation of the media business.

Brianne has a Bachelor of Science in Advertising from the University of Texas and an unnatural fear of birds.   She also considers generating and analyzing quantitative and qualitative market data a hobby.

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