Bright Monkey Marketing
The Bright Monkey Marketing Story...

We emerged from the jungle in 2008 believing that economic recession does not mean

intellectual recession, and that good thinking will always grow.

Because we are new, we can design our business around your needs.

Entrenched agencies have entrenched ways of doing things. Bright Monkey Marketing

can do what is right, rather than what is expected.

During our first year in civilized society, Bright Monkey Marketing has created 360°

marketing campaigns, strategic marketing plans, Web site design and creation, digital

content, social media marketing, customer experiences, architecture, television ads,

email campaigns, customer loyalty initiatives, strategic alliances, word-of-mouth

campaigns, public relations campaigns, and communications in all media for clients

that range from global consumer packaged goods, travel, and financial services brands

to regional restaurant brands to local businesses.


The core Monkey Marketers have done these things for years at agencies such as

McCann-Erickson and J. Walter Thompson. 

Our structure is fluid and flat. We collaborate with resources around the world to do

whatever you need done. With none of the overhead common at older institutions, we

can offer you the optimal team in a more efficient manner.

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