Bright Monkey Marketing
360° Marketing
We create conversations between customers and brands.

Welcome to the jungle.
Bright Monkey offers strategic planning and creative communications.

Bright Monkey is about ideas that make our clients look smart.

We believe that customers want to love brands and will, if they simply get to know them in the right way.

We believe that the best way for people to get to know brands is through an ongoing conversation.

We believe that this conversation happens all day and every day, across multiple media and brand experience touchpoints - many of which have nothing to do with traditional "advertising" or even "marketing."

We believe that the conversation is ultimately emotional, not rational.

We believe that ideas for brands must create momentum that is exponentially greater than the resources and budgets used to generate them.

Our passion is to innovate, not to emula

Jargon, rhetoric, and buzzwords are poop. Only ideas and actions matter.
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